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Response to Success and Failure

Funded by a SIIP grant from the Grainger College of Engineering/KEEN Foundation

Dr. Juan Álvarez, UIUC, PI
Dr. Jessica Gladstone, UIUC, Co-PI
Dr. Jennifer Cromley,


Project Summary:

With PI Juan Álvarez (ECE) and Co-PI Jessica Gladstone (EPSY), this project is funded by KEEN and the Grainger College of Engineering. We are investigating how students in ECE circuits courses respond to the grades they get on their first two exams of the semester. Students may do better or worse than they expected they would do when they finished the exams. What emotional reactions do they have when they get their course grade? How do their study habits change? This 1-year interview-based project will result in a questionnaire that can be given to undergraduate students in the future.

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